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About the Biz Boost Challenge

In 10 days, you’ll learn how to organize your business to be productive and profitable. You’ll work smarter and make every minute count. You’ll be a more productive solopreneur!

Here's What We'll Cover

-- Manage your time effectively

-- Track what's working and making money

-- Have systems in place

-- Create passive income streams

-- Make friends & collaborate

-- Build out your funnel

-- Use tools to be more productive

-- Do what you love (and nothing else!)

-- Learn when it's time to outsource

-- Use -and improve- what you've got

When You Sign Up for the Biz Boost Challenge, You'll Get

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Tools, lessons, strategies, and assignments to help you turn information into action.

A private Facebook group so that you can network with and learn from other solopreneurs.


Shane Melaugh

I help solopreneurs grow their side-hustle and startup businesses by teaching them how to create & execute strategies, hone their marketing skills, and level up their productivity. My mission for this free challenge is to help you work smarter and be a more productive solopreneur!

Tonia Kendrick 
Founder, Solopreneur Diaries

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