90 Day Business Plan Blueprint

free 5-day live challenge to create your 90 day business plan

Are you ready to crush your business goals?

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by all that you want to do? Of being "too busy" to work on what really matters for your business?

The answer, my friend, is a 90 day plan.

90 days is the perfect amount of time for a business plan.  It's short enough that you'll stay focused and long enough that you can make significant forward movement in your business. 

Join me for a free 5-day live challenge to create your own 90 day business plan.

Challenge dates: June 18-June 22

Here's what you'll do:

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    Day 1: Define / Review the Big Picture
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    Day 2: Set Your 90 Day Goals
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    Day 3: Create Your 90 Day Plan
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    Day 4: Determine Your Success Measures
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    Day 5: Create a System to Execute & Review

each day for five days, you'll receive a lesson + action item

We're officially kicking off with Day 1 on Monday, June 18.

Every day, I'll post a video in the pop-up FB group.  This private FB group is where I'll host the daily trainings, give personal feedback and support, and help you connect with other solopreneurs.

You'll also get a daily email with links to that day's training and assignment.

Get ready for tools, lessons, strategies, and assignments where you'll set meaningful goals and create a 90 day action plan that's tied to your big picture. What's more, you'll be prepared to take action and blow the doors off your goals!

The 90 Day Business Plan Blueprint Challenge is 100% free and open to solopreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners who are ready to CRUSH IT in Q3!

What are you waiting for?

What People Are Saying. . .

Business Plan Blueprint allowed me to think about the business in a fresh, new way. My biggest takeaway was that it is important to define the big picture. This challenge will help people to define and hone in on what their businesses should be and look like. I am so glad I found Tonia and I am looking forward to more courses like this.

Business Plan Blueprint helped me set up my plan and gave me a guideline to proceed with my business.


My biggest takeaway from Business Plan Blueprint is that this is doable for me and I don’t have to be overwhelmed. I would recommend this challenge to others because of the hand-holding and being held accountable.
I am finally able to see the light with a little direction!


About the creator

Hi! I'm Tonia. . .

I help small biz owners + entrepreneurs create & execute strategies, hone their marketing skills, and level up  their productivity. I also LOVE creating business plans and strategies. My mission for this free challenge is to help you ROCK the next 90 days, with goals and a plan to generate the revenue YOU want for your business and your life.

Tonia Kendrick // Solopreneur Diaries

90 Day Business Plan Blueprint will help you build a solid foundation for your business for next 90 days.

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