As an online business owner there is so much to be done. Yet, it is difficult to pinpoint exact strategies to grow. The Biz Boost Workbook helped me understand the gaps in my business to take it to the next level. The insights of having passive income streams and building a sales funnel have given me a new direction for 2018. Thanks!

Patricia |

Business Plan Blueprint was simply a wonderful experience. I now feel relieved and free, instead of worried about how I can possibly achieve what I planned for this year. Now I have a plan that seems doable and not just a seemingly infinite amount of to-dos. I feel like I can really achieve what I want to this year.

Business Plan Blueprint allowed me to think about the business in a fresh, new way. My biggest takeaway was that it is important to define the big picture. This challenge will help people to define and hone in on what their businesses should be and look like. I am so glad I found Tonia and I am looking forward to more courses like this.

I thought Business Plan Blueprint was insightful and I liked the business content. It would be good for start-up businesses. What I liked best were the tools to take away.

Jumpstart Your Productivity helps you to take a few minutes and think about how to work smart and get things done. The emails each day with their topic and assignment challenged me to really think about how I could improve and be more productive in my tasks.

Business Plan Blueprint was amazing! It’s very helpful for my business and I was always excited to check for the next email.


Fantastic. Able to apply on my own business.


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