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5 Easy-to-Follow Lessons

This 100% FREE 5-day course comes directly from my experience in the corporate world and running my own business.  

These are the strategies and tactics I use day in and day out to get sh*t done.

Are you tired of feeling like you  haven't made the most of your day? Do you know what happened with your last 24 hours? Does it seem like no matter how many hours you put into your projects, nothing gets done?

Don't continue to struggle with getting things done.

It's time to get control of your work and your life. It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by your to-do list. It's time to accomplish the things that really matter.

Don't waste another day.ā€‹

This course is for you if:

  • You're always busy, but you aren't seeing results.
  • You feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do.
  • You miss deadlines, even though you had plenty of time.
  • You find it hard to prioritize your activities.
  • Your current productivity system isn't working.

What you will gain from this course:

  • Clarity on goals and priorities
  • Processes for planning and reviewing your actions, so that you CRUSH your goals
  • A system that allows you to get shi*t done AND enjoy life outside of your biz
  • Control over your time and tasks


Jumpstart Your Productivity helps you to take a few minutes and think about how to work smart and get things done. The emails each day with their topic and assignment challenged me to really think about how I could improve and be more productive in my tasks.

Cheri Hudson Passeyā€‹ā€‹ carolinagirlgenealogy.blogspot.com

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Here's What We'll Cover:

  • Lesson 1: Get your priorities straight!
  • Lesson 2: Plan your days, weeks, months, and more
  • Lesson 3: Get your projects and task under control
  • Lesson 4: Focus and make things happen
  • Lesson 5: Review, reflect, and renew

Each day, for 5 days, you'll receive a lesson delivered right to your inbox. Each lesson is packed with actionable strategies and tactics. Along with the written lessons, you'll find links to helpful blog posts, as well as worksheets and exercises to guide you along the way.

Hi, I'm Tonia!

I help small biz owners + entrepreneurs with actionable tips to design & build their blogs, their businesses, and their lives. Iā€™m also a productivity junkie and my mission for this free e-course is to help you figure out the productivity puzzle and gain control over your business and life.

The key to success in this course is that you must commit to taking action.
If you do, you will start to see BIG changes in your productivity.

Are you ready?