maximize your content

Learn how to repurpose and leverage your content so that it works harder (and you don't have to!)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could stop working your fingers to the bone creating new content?

Give your content new life and get more mileage out of your best content.

You already know how important content is for your online marketing strategy. It’s the foundation that everything else rests on.

But creating content can be exhausting. It can take hours, maybe even days, to produce a great blog post, video, or email series.

And then what happens? You put it out there once, but then you have to get right back on the hamster wheel and start creating another piece. Over and over again.

Eventually, no matter how much you love it, content creation becomes a chore.

It’s time to get more mileage out of your content!


Content creation feels like just another task that you need to check off your list.

You feel like you’re out of ideas and have no idea what you can say that you haven’t said a zillion times already.

You’re starting to feel like creating content is just a big waste of time and energy.

But, there IS another way.

Content can be used more than once.  A piece of content created with one purpose in mind can be reused and remixed for another purpose later.

Chances are, you’ve heard the term content repurposing before. But since you are here, I’m going to guess that you aren’t actually doing it yet.

The truth is that there are 4 reasons most people don't repurpose their content:


You think you don’t have enough content to repurpose OR you don’t even know what content you have or where to find it.


You think you don’t have enough time because you are already overwhelmed by content creation.


You repurpose a little (like using blog posts for social media) but you’re stuck because you don’t know what else you can do.


You can’t even get started because you don’t know how to repurpose content.

INTRODUCING maximize your content!

Learn how to repurpose and leverage your content so that it works harder (and you don't have to!)

What’s Included in Maximize Your Content?

Module 1: How to Use Your Content in Fresh, Creative Ways

In Module 1, you’ll learn a lot of different ways that you can repurpose various kinds of content in fresh, creative ways.  This is a quick-hit module with a lot of practical tips, so that you can start repurposing your content right away.

We’ll Cover:


Along with the training, Module 1 includes a 10-page Action Plan that is jam-packed with worksheets and checklists so that you don’t miss any steps when you start repurposing your content.

Module 2: How to Mine Your Existing Content and Find the Hidden Gems

In module 2, I show you how to get organized so that all possibilities you learned about in Module 1 don’t overwhelm you and lead to paralysis.

We’ll Cover:


Along with the training, Module 2 includes a 10-page Action Plan that will help you refine your content strategy and ensure that you are creating and maximizing the right content for the right audience. PLUS, you get checklists to help you start finding all your existing content and evaluate which pieces will help you meet your strategic objectives.

Module 3: Simple Ways to Diversify Your Content and Expand Your Reach

Maximizing your content is about more than just saving time (although that part is awesome!) In module 3, we’ll talk about how to reach new audiences with repurposed content so that you can find new leads and new customers.

We’ll Cover:


In the Action Plan for this module, you’ll find a repurposing checklist that will help you target different learning styles.  You’ll also find exercises to help you reformat and re-mix your high-value content so that you get the most mileage out of it. And you’ll start to focus your re-purposing on creating a variety of content types so that you appeal to a larger audience.

Module 4: How to Make Your Emails Work Harder

In this module, we take a deep dive into one super-important type of content – email!

We’ll Cover:


The action plan for this module includes checklists and worksheets to help you optimize and repurpose your email content.

Module 5: Easy Ways to Make Your Repurposing Strategy Successful

Module 5 is all about systems and tools to make your content repurposing strategy successful.

We’ll Cover:


The action plan for Module 5 includes worksheets and spreadsheets to help you put the strategies you’ve learned into practice.

What if you could...

Learn how to extract every bit of juice from all the awesome content you create and leverage your hard work over and over again!

then Maximize Your Content is exactly what you need!

Here are a few more goodies to help you implement and extend what you learn in Maximize Your Content. . .


Promote Your Content: How to Create a Successful Content Promotion Plan

To get even MORE value out of your content, you need to promote it.  This e-book walks you through how to successfully create and execute content promotion strategy.


Social Media Strategy Workbook

And for promoting your content on social media, of course, you need a strategy.  This step-by-step guide will help you create a social media strategy & plan specific to your business.


Free trials to help you implement the strategies in the course:

  • 30-Day Free Trial of Canva Pro (new customers only)
  • 14-Day Free Trial of ConvertKit (new customers only)


Maximize Your Content is for anyone who uses content in their business.

Whether you blog, have a podcast or YouTube channel, create courses, speak at live events, or simply want to get the word out about your business, this class will teach you valuable strategies for leveraging your existing and future content.

This course is multi-format, including video lessons, text lessons, tutorials, and take-action workbooks.

This course is a combination video + written course with supplemental worksheets.

The videos include complete transcripts that have been edited to improve readability.  The videos are also closed captioned.

No matter what your preferred learning style is, you’ll be able to absorb the content and implement what you learn in your business.

Maximize Your Content is hosted on my course platform.  After you checkout, you will receive an email with access information.

You’ll have access to Maximize Your Content for as long as the course exists, including all updates to the core curriculum.

I’m confident that Maximize Your Content can work for you.

However, if the class doesn’t live up to your expectations, you may request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Simply email me for a prompt, courteous refund.

I’d love to help!  Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP!

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Ready to maximize your content?

You could continue to work your fingers to the bone creating new content. Or you could start repurposing all the amazing content you’ve already created and start reaping the benefits!